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Lesson Ninja enables foreign language teachers to create customized, engaging activities within seconds.

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Gap Generator

Reduce your prep time by of magnitude.

Forget about blanking words manually. Gap generator enables you to design tasks in seconds, no matter if the target knowledge regards grammar, new vocabulary, or collocations.

Engage your students.

Share the set with your students through an interactive link with direct access, no login required.

Sentence Splitter

Classic tool with a modern twist.

With just one click, you can decide where to split your sentences. Create a matching exercise or just divide definitions from terms.

Work online or export.

If you need, export your sets to PDF or print out the materials for in-class usage. Either way, your students end up with slick-looking materials.


Smart auto-import

Vocab builder

Homework assignment

Interactive student's link

Customizable PDF export

Quizlet-friendly export

Use Cases

  • Practice based on Authentic Materials
  • Grammar teaching
  • Vocabulary teaching
  • Controlled practice
  • Course revision
  • Customized homework
  • Testing

No credit card required, 14-day free trial.

Here's what other teachers say...

Lesson Ninja is an utterly convenient tool to turn authentic materials into engaging class materials instantaneously! I've been enjoying it to the fullest only after a few trial-attempts thanks to its very simple layout. It's even simpler for my students as they can practice materials using just a single link. As an EFL teacher who enjoys preparing up-to-date content for learners, I love it when time-consuming details of material preparation are minimized, and Ninja does exactly that!
– Mustafa
🇬🇧 teacher
I love that Lesson Ninja works no matter what language you’re teaching. It’s an appealing way of learning for my students and also makes life easier for me. I love the import mode - it’s so quick! Configuring the task (enable first letter, show answers, test mode, etc.) before sharing is awesome, too! To me, this is just ingenious. Highly recommended!
– Kasia
🇵🇱 teacher
I’m at a loss for words at how useful and time-saving Lesson Ninja is for me. It takes me seconds, literally, to prepare a good exercise which draws my students’ attention to the important grammar or vocab topics they need to focus on. Lesson Ninja site is a dream come true for me as a teacher. User-friendly options - both for teachers and their students - only add to the uniqueness of the site. It’s definitely worth recommending to those who are in need of more pleasure and less drama in their lesson preparation time.
– Magda
🇮🇹 teacher

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