Save hours of prep time for a fraction of your hourly rate.

Two powerful tools: Gap Generator & Sentence Splitter

  • Automated import: get text from any source and gap or split with single clicks
  • Vocab Builder: create gap-filling exercises automatically, based on dictionary examples
  • Export sets to PDF, CSV, or to Quizlet
  • Interactive student’s view
  • Exercise configuration (first letter, word pool, test mode, and others)
  • Email notifications and a record of student's work

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Can I use Lesson Ninja for free?

Lesson Ninja comes with a 14-day free trial. No need to put any credit card info upfront. If you decide to stay with us afterwards, we charge an amount equal to two lattes.

Is Lesson Ninja for me?

Lesson Ninja is designed as an aid to teaching foreign languages, so it will benefit any teacher who wants to make their gap-fill and matching exercises more exciting without forcing their students to register/log on.

Our app might be life-changing for teachers who tend to individualize the content of their courses, especially those who use authentic materials or retrieval practice in their class. People who create their own teaching materials willl find it extremely useful, too.

There are many other platforms. Why Lesson Ninja?

Lesson Ninja's functionalities bridge the gap that none of other platforms have. It's the only tool out there whose main purpose is to limit teachers' prep time. It's also packed in a minimalistic, clutter- and ad-free layout, and doesn't require your student to log in. Finally, it's made entirely DIY by two teachers, with a strong conviction it will make your life better.

Can I get a tax invoice?

Yes, but only in case of a yearly subscription. After you subscribe send us an email with your company details.

What's your cancellation policy?

You can cancel any time and use the tool until the end of the current billing period. You can manage your subscription by navigating to my account → manage billing.

Got any more questions?

Send us an email to [email protected]. We'd love to chat!

Here's what other teachers say...

Lesson Ninja is an utterly convenient tool to turn authentic materials into engaging class materials instantaneously! I've been enjoying it to the fullest only after a few trial-attempts thanks to its very simple layout. It's even simpler for my students as they can practice materials using just a single link. As an EFL teacher who enjoys preparing up-to-date content for learners, I love it when time-consuming details of material preparation are minimized, and Ninja does exactly that!
– Mustafa
🇬🇧 teacher
The whole thing looks cool, slick, and modern. It’s been a week and I already know I’ll be a regular user. With Ninja, I prepare revision for my students almost automatically, in max 10 minutes. My students feel that I’m extremely well-prepared as they see their own words and phrases in the link. In the digital era, such solutions are a hit.
– Basia
🇮🇹 teacher
A wonderful tool that has been helping me prepare great and strongly motivating warm-up and revision activities, thereby making my classes effortlessly more varied and fun. A range of useful options, such as wordpool and time limits, allows for adjusting each activity to different students' levels if needed. On top of that, the website's simple, minimalist design is really pleasant and user-friendly.
– Anna
🇬🇧 teacher

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